A Little About Me

 I feel as though I was born to connect with people. A middle child that was bounced around small towns in Illinois, I was both  ''perpetual new kid" and problem solving mediator. My loving parents fed my artistic warrior spirit from a very young age. Though we didn't always have much they got me involved in martial arts and visual arts at a very young age, and then music in my rebellious teenage years. All these things shaped me into the person I am today and have a palpable impact on my massage work.

Where It All Began

 I began my massage therapy career in 2004 after graduating from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. In an effort to continue my study of movement and its effects on the body, I immediately began teaching Anatomy and Physiology at Hired Hands International University. At the same time I Immersed myself into performing massages in any facet I could find. I worked in high end spas, did on-site massage, I volunteered at various marathons and triathlons and health care centers in the Chicago area.   

Better Every Day

 This is my mantra. It is such a simple concept, the idea that with each day we can come to better understand ourselves and the world around us. That each new day gives us an opportunity to better ourselves in the pursuit of our endeavors. This is the way I approach massage, with each connection I develop a new sensitivity and I try to be better than the day before. 

Certified Modalities

Deep Tissue
Deep Flow
Thai Acro
Hot/Cold Stone


 Graduate of Massage School of Massage Therapy, Class 77, Sept.11 2004
California Massage Therapy Council Certified, Cert # 313
Member of The American Massage Therapy Association